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A POP ‘High Five’ With Chef Howard Garnel

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We are delighted to announce that Howard Garnel has joined the Proof of the Pudding culinary team as Executive Chef of our off-premise division. With an intense passion for food, Chef Howard loves the traditions, seasonality and creativity that comes with being a chef. He believes that food should be a desire and not a function; with his level of passion, we can’t wait to see what he’ll be cooking up for POP events!

This week we presented Chef Howard with our ‘POP High Five’ – five fast and fun questions so you could get to know him better. Like many chefs, his answers were straight to the point but insightful…enjoy!

POP: Welcome Chef Howard to the POP team! We’re curious, what food do you love most?
HOWARD: Anything spicy – why not?!

POP: Culinary professionals are known for having diverse tastes for both food and music. What music are you really into right now?
HOWARD: Run DMC – Run’s House.

POP: When not in the kitchen what do you like to do with free time
HOWARD: I enjoy shooting hoops with my daughter, working in my garden and watching Game of Thrones with the Mrs.

POP: Do you have a favorite time of year in Atlanta?
HOWARD: Summer – the sun gives me energy.

POP: What quote or motto do you live your life by?
HOWARD: No one trains for second place.
POP: So true Chef, so true!

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