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Blog > Celebrating Our People: HANNAH BABER

Celebrating Our People: HANNAH BABER

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The “Celebrating Our People” series is aimed at highlighting the many talented employees that make up Proof of the Pudding’s teams across the southeast. We hope you enjoy learning more about our hospitality and culinary POPstars!

Senior Catering Sales Manager at Savanna Hall at Zoo Atlanta

POP:  Thanks for the quick chat Hannah! To start, what’s the one piece of advice you would share with others at the beginning of their career?
HANNAH:  Always aim for the next step! Show your value to the team from day one. Stay diligent and confident that it will pay off in the end.

POP:  What values have shaped your life?
HANNAH:  Be honest and be genuine. It will take you far.

POP:  What was your favorite meal as a kid growing up?
HANNAH: My mom’s Tuna Casserole!!

POP:  Who has influenced you the most (in life and/or your career)?
HANNAH: I am fortunate to have several mentors who have shaped me in my career. My first mentor, Dana Kicklighter, taught me the value of hard work, organization and true passion for what you do. Oddly enough, Dana took the position I left to take the job at Proof of the Pudding. We still keep in touch to this day and she is always a strong support system for me!

POP:  What is your favorite song lyric or inspirational quote?
HANNAH:  “I can’t complain but sometimes I still do. Life’s been good to me so far.” – Joe Walsh

POP:  What is one thing people would be surprised to learn about you?
HANNAH:  Most people don’t know that I worked at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon all four years in college. I started as a café cashier and worked my way up to the coveted position of evening server. I made great friends from all around the world and even got stung by a scorpion one year while hiking through the canyon!

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