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Sweet Meadow Farm and HomePlace

West GA Both 301-450 151-300

Hidden away in a quiet glen filled with natural beauty, Sweet Meadow Farm & Homeplace is a rare find. High on charm, low on pretense, this stunning 160-acre farm with fields, forests, creeks and ponds is a place of sanctuary for you and your guests. At the heart of this property is the old farmhouse, where you can hang your hat for the weekend. As you and yours take over this handsomely designed 100-year-old farmhouse, you'll begin to slow down, breathe the country air and truly relax. The historic barn is nestled next to a lake, and wizened old oak trees have stood witness to many a fine wedding. And there is just something sweetly special and lovely about an old weathered barn with heart and history.

  • Janice Wilmer
  • Janice Wilmer
    Creative Director
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    Lynchburg, VA
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    Spend time with my family!
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